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Tópico: Footbridge 2011

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    Padrão Footbridge 2011

    Wroclaw University of Technology has pleasure to announce the next edition of the International Conference Footbridge. After successful three previous editions in 2002 (Paris), 2005 (Venice) and 2008 (Porto), the 4 International Conference Footbridge will be held in Wroclaw(Poland) on July 6 - 8, 2011.
    The conference is held in Poland, a country which after joining the European Union strives for a prompt modernization of the transport infrastructure. Many communities around the world also begin the process of such modernization, including pedestrian footbridges, which may significantly contribute to their future economic and cultural development. The investment costs, technology and execution time are crucial issues nowadays, so it is important to discuss solutions which are inexpensive and universal. Then, the main objective of the conference, except for the presentation of
    impressive architectural and engineering achievements, is also the introduction of universal, aesthetic footbridges made from various materials of high quality and durability. Problems that remain still
    current are the comfort of usage and creation of a data base on dynamic features of footbridges. The keynote of the conference is "Attractive Structures at Reasonable Costs."

    Who should attend
    The conference is intended for researchers, civil engineers,
    designers, architects and students interested in the latest results
    of research and developments concerning various problems
    of footbridge structures.

    Main topics
    - Planning and conceptual design
    - Aesthetics and architecture
    - Footbridges in urban area
    - Structural analysis and behaviour
    - Dynamics, vibration tests and control
    - New materials and innovations
    - Maintenance and operation
    - Renovation, repair and refurbishment
    - Special case studies
    - Guidelines and codes


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    Tópico muito interessante =).

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