1 New Model Code – expected impacts and practice of use
Experiences with New Model Code clauses in the fi eld of design, analysis
and execution of concrete structures. Expected improvements and new
areas of interest.

2 Concrete and construction technology – transfer of
Advanced types of concrete and reinforcing materials. Research results
and their application in structural engineering. Progressive technologies
of construction.

3 Modelling and design of outstanding and innovative
Numerical methods and their application in modelling and design
procedures. Design of remarkable and non-traditional concrete
structures in illustrative examples. Innovative structural systems.

4 Structures integrated into environment in a balanced way
Interaction of concrete structures and environment with respect to
context. Sustainable structures. Structural concrete as a natural material
suitable for structures being friendly to environment.

5 Combination of structural concrete with other materials
Composite and hybrid concrete structures exhibiting favourable concrete
properties in structural performance. Interaction of concrete with other
materials – problems, analysis, structural arrangements, detailing.