IRF Executive Seminar Series:
Performance Based Contracts & Evaluating Asset Condition
Austin, TX
Spetember 8-10, 2010

Join the International Road Federation and global experts in Austin, Texas September 8-10, 2010 for the IRF Executive Workshop on Performance Based Contracts & Evaluating Asset Condition.

This workshop is designed to help road operators and agencies around the world find ways to lower operating costs and better cope with financial pressures.

Top public & private sector experts from the United States and Canada will present case studies, lessons learned and new approaches to this type of Public Private Partnership.

The North American Experience

Texas Department of Transportation
- David Cateel, Asst. Exec. Dir., Field & District Operations
Virginia Department of Transportation
- David Ekern, Former Director
Ctr. for Transportation Research & Education, Iowa State
- Omar Smadi, Director
Michigan Department of Transportation
- Kirk T. Steudle, Director
Ministry of Transportation Ontario, Canada
- Doug Wipperman, Contract Innovations Specialist

Evaluating Asset Condition

Ohio Turnpike Commission
- Daniel Castrigano, Chief Engineer & Deputy Exec. Dir.
Texas Transportation Institute
- Beverly Kuhn, Division Head, Systems Management
Alberta Transportation, Alberta, Canada
- Moh Lali, Executive Director
The Louis Berger Group
- Kent Lande, Vice President & Chief Engineer
Resource International
- Kamran Majidzadeh, President
U.S. Federal Highway Administration
- Butch Wlaschin, Director, Office of Asset Management

Different Contract Oversight Approaches & Risk Allocation / Legal Issues

Dept. of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University
- Ivan Damnojanovic, Assistant Professor
Oxand Group, Montreal, Canada
- Richard Frenette, Senior Consultant
Miami Dade Expressway Authority
- Mike Smith, Manager of Operations and Maintenance