3rd Annual IRF Executive Seminar
"Preserving Our Highway Infrastructure Assets"
August 3-5, 2011
Orlando, Florida USA
(All-Inclusive Package: 3 Nights Hotel, 3 Lunches, 1 Welcome Dinner)

The seminar will have a special emphasis on new technologies and innovative funding strategies to sustain pavement preservation programs. It will also look at new and existing tools available to help agencies manage their pavement networks, such as Pavement Health Tracking Tools and Environmental Impact indices.

Utilizing IRF's international network, the seminar will connect international transportation leaders with people at all levels of government and private industry to discuss challenges and cutting-edge solutions.

As part of a global effort to foster sound Road Asset Management & Pavement Preservation Practices, international lending organizations and donor agencies such as The World Bank currently provide loans and technical assistance to support the development and implementation of Pavement Preservation programs that will assist highway agencies and strengthen local commerce and industry. To access these funding opportunities, contact your development agency's Country Officer.