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    INTER-NOISE 2010, the 39th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 13-16 June, 2010. The Congress is sponsored by the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE), and is co-organized by the Portuguese Acoustical Society (SPA) and the Spanish Acoustical Society (SEA). The Congress venue will be the modern Lisbon Congress Centre, located in north bank of the River Tagus in a new rehabilitated tourist waterfront area, full of amazing gardens and esplanades.

    The Congress INTER-NOISE 2010 has the High Sponsor of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic.

    Despite the fact that the Congress will be held in Lisbon, it represents the involvement of all the Iberian Peninsula. The main theme of the Congress is Noise and Sustainability. Everyone knows that the societal development creates noise as a by-product. Sustainability enforces and highlights the need to preserve the future generation’s stability and existence, without compromising the global development. The junction of these aspects sets up a strong responsibility for all acoustic community as a whole.

    Spread over seven hills, Lisbon boasts over 2000 years of History, witnessed by many monuments and historical sites well worth exploring. From Roman town to capital of the Discoveries, evidence of this rich historical background is there to be explored. Lisbon is also an exciting cultural city, offering an array of events from museums, to theatres, to music festivals catering for all tastes. With average temperatures rising well above the 20º C mark, June is the perfect time to visit this bustling metropolis. By day or by night, there will always be monuments, historical landmarks, shopping centers, cultural sites or open-air locations to be enjoyed . Having all this potentialities, Lisbon is an ideal and pleasant location for the Congress.

    The INTER-NOISE 2010 Congress will provide a great opportunity to make contacts and exchange ideas on various fields of acoustics and vibration, such as: Building and Environmental Acoustics, Education, Psycho and physiological Acoustics, Speech, Measurement and Analysis, Equipments, Noise and Vibration Tools, Material and Technologies for Noise and Vibration Solutions. Many distinguished speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the participants. A large number of exhibitors are expected to attend the Congress showing and promoting their latest tools, equipments and recently developed materials. Short courses on emergent and important themes are also planned.

    In addition, the Congress will also provide a wide range of social activities as well as pre and post Congress tours to wonderful and fascinating places, such as Madeira and Azores archipelagos.

    INTER-NOISE 2010 will be a very important and fruitful event, and surely a great opportunity to promote and show the scientific research and development of noise control engineering in various fields of applications, to meet old friends and make new acquaintances and partnerships.

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    Muito interessante

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