The deadline for submitting an abstract for HYDRO 2011 is 18 February. Details about how to do this can be found here. If you have already sent in your abstract, we will let you know the decision of the International Steering Committee as soon as we can.

We recently launched our new website, which gives details about Hydropower & Dams journal, as well as our conferences and exhibitions, etc. It will be further developed further during the next few months.

Please check the website for details of the conference themes, study tours, and technical Exhibition which will run alongside the HYDRO 2011. If you have not yet booked a stand, but would like to display your organisation's products and services, please contact Gaël Bozec as soon as possible on:

Please make sure to obtain any necessary clearance, and check your (or a co-author's) availability to attend, before submitting an abstract. Speakers will be eligible for a reduced registration fee. In the case of speakers from less developed countries, in some circumstances we might be able to secure financial support to cover registration fees and/or accommodation. If you would require such support to attend, then it is essential that you inform us when submitting your abstract.

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