University of Beira Interior
Engineering Faculty
6200-001 Covilhã, Portugal

Even if Civil Engineering plays a key role in environmental protection and management, some of its major creations
are often blamed for causing serious environmental degradation. Is it possible to promote the development of
the society by improving dignity and comfort of the people while taking care of the environment? This is the motto for the conference: how can Civil Engineering activities be simultaneously effective and environmentally friendly… what is currently being done in order to achieve that goal?
This conference is an excellent opportunity for all of those with environmental concerns, such as engineers, academics, construction equipment and materials manufacturers, suppliers and government officials, to present and exchange the experiences and concerns, new ideas, innovative methodology and future development on
the different fields of interest. The conference follows the traditional model for conferences, combining technical sessions with plenary lectures given by renowned scientists.

  • Air and water quality
  • Environmental education
  • Energy
  • Environmentally friendly architecture
  • Fluvial and coastal protection
  • Geohazards, Disaster Mitigation and Management
  • Geosynthetics for Geoenvironmental Applications
  • Reuse and recycling in construction
  • Risk management
  • Soil and water protection
  • Territorial and urban planning
  • Vegetation in Civil Engineering
  • Waste management
  • Case Studies

The Secretariat:
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