3rd International fib Congress
30 Janeiro 2010

When you think of the Third International fib Congress being held in conjunction with the PCI Annual Convention and National Bridge Conference, one word comes to mind: Opportunity! This event could not be more important during these challenging economic times. While some people feel this is the time to cut back and reduce, in some respects, the opposite is true. This is a good time to invest and take advantage of unique opportunities that can make a difference in your future—the difference between barely surviving and truly thriving when the economy rebounds. The 2010 fib Congress in Washington, D.C., is one of those unique opportunities…an opportunity to learn, grow, expand, connect, diversify, solve, and share.

The Congress theme, “Think Globally, Build Locally,” hints at how we can take advantage of this opportunity. The Congress will provide access to the top international experts in the concrete industry in an international forum for sharing knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative ideas. From this global assembly of talent can be drawn ideas, techniques and solutions that can be locally applied.

“Each attendee can walk away with something to help them persevere, and probably even grow, through this tough economy,” says Michael Fardis, fib chair. “Maybe it will be that new product or technology that helps you become more efficient, or gives you an edge; maybe it will be that new relationship, partner, or customer that opens a new market; or maybe it will be that one paper or session that helps solve one of your toughest problems.”

No matter what your interest may be in the realm of concrete design and construction, you will find the 2010 fib Congress and Exhibition to be an extremely valuable and enjoyable event that is not to be missed.