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Tópico: 11º Congresso Internacional de Estradas de Betão

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    Padrão 11º Congresso Internacional de Estradas de Betão

    The Spanish Cement Association organises, the 11th International Symposium on Concrete Roads that will be held in Seville (Spain) from October 13th to October 15th.

    From its first edition, held in Paris in 1969, the Symposium has been taking the lead in improving and promoting concrete technologies on an international level. The initiative of organising an International Symposium about every four years has proven to be one of the most successful actions in the dissemination of knowledge and set up of a worldwide network of experts from road administrations, research centres, engineering bureaux, contractors, suppliers, etc.
    Under the banner of “The answer to new challenges” the 11th Symposium on Concrete Roads is going to be focused on the climate change, economical constraints, skills shortages, rising oil prices, careful planning, cost effi cient designs, sustainable construction and a review of past experiences to obtain the knowledge to build on a modern day alternatives and innovative special applications provide direction for the future. Technical sessions will be complemented with technical visists to important Spanish works. The intention is that presentations do not suppose a mere knowledge transfer of practices and ideas, but the Symposium is a departure point for debating and later consolidation of a new concrete pavement network that facilitates the citizens life and their progress and at the same time, environmentally friendly and ensuring that the following generations can lead decent lives.
    In addition, we take great pleasure in welcoming you to Seville. Its atmosphere- full of life, fragrance, light and colour - impregnates the streets enveloping and captivating the visitor. The waters of the Guadalquivir River caress this Mediterranean-climate Andalusian city, packed with fascinating corners and narrow streets which hold all the magic and enchantment of the South of Spain. Famous across the world, its inestimable monumental heritage coexists with exemplars and values of its modern present, making Seville a city of contrasts, well communicated and comfortable.
    The social programme holds a number of attractions for participants and companions and it will get to know the city and its surroundings and attend its typical shows, makig the stay more agreeable.

    The 11th Internacional Symposium on Concrete Roads will be held in the avant-garde Barceló Renacimiento Conference Centre. The hotel is situated in Seville in the Island of La Cartuja. Conveniently located just a few minutes away from Seville’s historic quarter and very closed to the high-speed AVE train station and the airport.

    EUPAVE will deal with any technical question concerning the programme and papers. Its address is:
    Vorstlaan 68, Boulevard du Souverain
    1170 Bruselas (BÉLGICA)
    Tel.: +32 (0)2 790 42 06
    Fax: +32 (0)2 640 06 70
    E-mail: info@eupave.com

    For more information regarding organization matters: registration, accomodation and commercial exhibition, contact to:
    C/ José Abascal, 53 – 1º
    28003 Madrid (SPAIN)
    T.: +34 91 441 19 90 / F.: +34 91 442 38 17
    E-mail: marketing@ofi cemen.com

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    que legal , qualquer um pode se inscrever?

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    e se poder mandar mais informações

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