Excelente revista técnica especializada no projecto e construção de barragens.

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Published quarterly by International Water Power & Dam Construction, Dam Engineering is the industry's best vehicle to promote the exchange of technical information on dams and associated structures.

Dam Engineering features fully-reviewed quantitative papers on aspects of the planning, design, construction and maintenance of reservoirs, dams and barrages, and scientific aspects of the design, analysis and modelling of dams, hydro power plants and associated structures. A subscription to this highly technical journal can be ordered online.

An independent journal, with a well-respected board of reviewers, Dam Engineering represents a much needed forum, in an organised context, which will appeal not only to the specialist but also to the discipline in general. First published in January 1990, topics covered in Dam Engineering include:

* Methods of analysis and modelling aspects of: loads for natural and man-made environments; structure, reservoir and foundation domains; transient and steady state fluid flow; joints, cracks and other discontinuities; transient and steady state temperature effects.
* Behavioural characteristics and material modelling of: mass concrete; embankment material; new materials (including asphaltic concrete and RCC); rock foundations (including jointed rock); fracture in concrete and rock.
* Case studies of the application of advanced analysis and correlation with numerical model and prototype measurements.
* Modelling and analysis for failure and safety criteria.
* Correlation of surveillance data with safety criteria (including expert systems).
* Geometrical design and dam optimisation.
* Quantitative aspects of dam siting and construction.
* Construction: analysis of existing practice; new methods and materials.
* Interaction between civil and mechanical structures.
* Refurbishment of dams and hydro plants, including: analysis of civil structures, and quantitative comparison of structures before and after repair.