Por ocasião de uma visita ao Núcleo de Engenharia Sanitária do LNEC, David Alkan proferirá uma conferencia sobre o tema “Israeli water resources management”, na próxima 5a feira, 20 de Junho, das 16.30 às 18.00, na Sala de reuniões do NES. A entrada é livre mas sujeita a pré-inscrição para aprh@aprh.pt, até às 13:00 do dia 19 de Junho. A localização da conferência será confirmada até ao final do dia 19.

David Alkan has recently retired from the Israel Water Commission (the National Water Authority), where he was a senior official at the Planning Division, the central water planning and allocation body of the Israeli government. His work in this agency entailed the initiation, planning and construction of wastewater collection, treatment and reclamation projects on local, regional and inter-regional scales, including riparian wastewater (contaminant & potential resource). He was also involved in efforts to resolve transboundary water issues.

He was in charge of planning in the southern region, which is characterized by dry and warm climate, but has been turned into the national food basket, mainly due to the large land reserves and the lower real estate pressure. Most of the drinking water in this region is desalinated sea water and most of the irrigation is with reclaimed waste water. The agriculture activity has triggered various regional developments, such as agro-industries and advanced schooling systems and other socio – economical activities which help to promote this peripheral desert region.

At present David works as a private consultant to various agencies in Israel and overseas.