ITACET Foundation is organizing a 2-day training course on Friday-Saturday, just before the WTC 2011 congress in Helsinki. The main theme for this year’s training is “Conventional Rock Tunneling and Sprayed Concrete Technology”. This training course is for relatively skilled professionals.


The detailed programme can be found from the website. The session themes are as follows:
· Session 1: Rock tunneling excavation, support and design
· Session 2: Sprayed concrete technology
· Session 3: Reinforcements
· Session 4: Special aspects
· Practical demonstration

Registration fee for the training course is 370 eur (incl. VAT 23%). The fee includes all sessions + lunch and coffee during the training. Accommodation is for extra charge and it can be booked together with the registration.

If you wish to add this event to your registration, please send an e-mail to: and include the following information:
· Subject field: Training course (+ your ref. nr)
· Message: method of payment and possible extra nights for accommodation

New registrations can be made by using the same on-line registration form as for the WTC 2011 congress registration. Remember to choose the training course separately!

This training course is for relatively skilled professionals
Holistic approach for use of wet sprayed concrete for rock support and permanent lining in rapid
conventional tunnelling and underground construction (course will only deal with wet sprayed concrete
and rock support, because this is the dominant method and trend worldwide for use of sprayed
Concentrate on the basic practical aspects of the whole sprayed concrete process chain in daily
production and issues which are important for young engineers to understand and to have control over
in their daily work on site or in design companies.
The course is built up around Scandinavian practice of use of sprayed concrete (Scandinavia is
probably one of the areas in the world where sprayed concrete is most extensively just in the past and
nowadays and also has a tradition as temporary and final support)
The course will also include methods/techniques and trends in drilling, blasting, injection and
waterproofing - all important parameters for successful use and final quality of sprayed concrete as
rock support and final lining
The course will also deal with the important topic of qualification, training and certification of sprayed
concrete supervisors and operators.
Speakers will come from the industry with long practical experience and good reputation
An objective is also to try to show / demonstrate in practice on the second day what was explained in
theory the day before and get the young engineers a feeling for important parameters to be checked
and controlled in the sprayed concrete process. This along the Slogan: Seeing is believing’ and
probably the best way to understand the process

WTC 2011 Congress Secretariat (registarion and payments):
Ms. Kaisa Venäläinen,
Mr. Ville Raasakka,
More information about the training course programme:
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