December 8-10, 2010
Orlando, FL

Transportation and road agencies worldwide face the challenge of designing, building, and maintaining roadway networks that provide safe and efficient mobility to users. These agencies share a compelling need to change motorist behavior, while ensuring that their nation’s roadways move traffic more safely and efficiently. Mindful of these needs, the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) and the International Road Federation (IRF) partnered to deliver a number of Road Safety Training Workshops in four low to mid-income countries in Africa (Ghana and Uganda) and Latin America (Colombia and Peru) earlier in 2010. The new SAFER ROADS BY DESIGN ® Executive Workshop on Roadside Safety Applications & Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) represents an important continuation to that earlier effort.
This Executive Workshop is designed to meet the emerging needs of road safety professionals in the areas of roadway design, its impact on highway safety, and the selection of appropriate hardware. The event will also focus on safety issues associated with vulnerable road users and on applying “appropriate” countermeasures. In addition to class-room training led by world-renowned experts, the teaching experience will be complemented by a day of instructor-led technical site visits throughout the city of Orlando.

Preliminary Program
Wednesday: December 8, 2010

Roadside Safety Applications

01 Infrastructure Safety Management
02 The Clear Zone
03 Crash Testing & Breakaway devices 04 Roadside Barriers
05 Terminals & End Treatments
06 Procurement & Selection
Thursday: December 9, 2010

Vulnerable Road Users

07 Vulnerable Road Users( VRU): An Introduction
08 VRU Countermeasures
09 Roundabouts
10 Development of a VRU Safety Action Plan
11 Low Cost Solutions
Friday: December 10, 2010