High speed rail is not only a technical subject, but encompasses a complex reality involving various technical aspects such as infrastructure, rolling stock and operations and cross sector issues such as financial, commercial, managerial and training aspects. High speed rail system combines these various elements using highly sophisticated technology. This rapidly expanding new transport mode is often described as the transport mode of the future. This highly efficient transport mode makes significant demands in terms of investment, technology, industry, the environment and its political and social aspects.

The 7th World Congress on High Speed Rail, will invite high-level officials from international railway organizations and railway authorities in different countries, senior management of global railway giants and high-speed railway experts. On December 5-6, the UIC Executive Board and General Assembly will be held at China National Convention Centre, Beijing.

We encourage you to participate as:
- Exhibitor.
- Speaker (in the Parallel Sessions).
- VIP (in the Open/Closing Ceremony or in the Round Tables)
- Attendant to the Congress or/and the Exhibition