29th November – 1st December 2010 | The Hilton Old Town | Prague| Czech Republic

Enabling European Power Generators to make the Right Strategic Decisions Regarding the Development of the Power Generation Portfolio

Making the Right Strategic Decisions Regarding the Power Generation Portfolio and efficiently
executing projects and entering developing markets around the World

Hosting a delegation of the chief decision-makers and strategists within Europe’s Power Utilities Industry, EPG 2010 invites you to gain critical insights into formulating a balanced and forward-looking power portfolio. Addressing the crucial market, regulatory and technological issues and questions that are delaying the swift execution of comprehensive and far-reaching decarbonisation efforts, attending delegates will hear from the most accomplished, successful practitioners, experts and pioneers in the industry. Participants will address the critical issues affecting the power portfolio and how to enable effective forward planning despite volatile economic conditions.

Strategic Planning for Coal, Gas, Nuclear and Renewable Power Generation
• Thorough Examination of the Ongoing Economic Crisis and the Projections of Leading Economists on the Consequences for the
European Power Utilities Industry
• Optimising the Forward-Planning Process Regarding the Future Power Generation Portfolio Mix for Power Companies Operating Within the EU
• Where European Energy Companies Should be Investing Given Europe’s Ambitious Carbon Reduction Targets and Fuel Dynamics
• How the Current Downward Pressure on Energy Prices Should be Managed and the Longer Term Affect on Generation Asset Investments
• Overcoming the Challenge of Stalled Power Projects Given the Prevailing Economic Climate
• Projection of European and World Energy Demand and How to Secure the EU’s Energy and Fuel Supply
• How Pioneering Emerging Technologies Will Affect The European Power Generation Industry in the coming Decade
• Fuel Supply Diversification and Security and Mid-Long Term Projections for Gas Pricing and Sourcing
• Enabling Nuclear Energy to Effectively Contribute to a Carbon-Free Market
• Efficiently Upgrading Existing and New Build Power Plants
• How European Power Generators Should Prepare for the Mass Electrification of Personal Transport Vehicles
• Feasibility and Management of Renewable Energy Projects and Investments during the Current Economic Environment
• How to Incorporate increasing levels of RES into the European Energy Market
• Entering New RES Markets (Off/onshore) Wind and Solar in North-West Europe and in Emerging Markets such as CEE and Turkey

Regulatory Issues Affecting Power Generation Planning
• Practical Implementation and Cost Implications of the Third Energy Package
• Assessing the Progress and Cost Implications in Achieving 20/20/20 Targets and Objectives
• EU Commission Update on Anti-Trust Issues and New legislation
• The Regulatory Aspects of Entering New Markets on the European Continent
• Risks and Entry Strategies for Established and Emerging Markets
• Regulatory Developments and the Market Opportunities Being Created in Western, Central & Eastern Europe, Turkey, the USA and the BRIC regions
• Regulatory Aspects to Entering New Markets on the European Continent

The Annual European Power Generation Strategy Summit