2º Simpósio Internacional sobre betão reforçado com fibras de elevada performance

Realiza-se, de 1 a 3 de Outubro de 2013, em Marselha, o 2º Simpósio Internacional sobre betão reforçado com fibras de elevada performance, organizado em parceria pela FIB e RILEM.

2nd International Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC)
Designing and Building with UHPFRC: from innovation to large scale realizations

October 1 - 3 , 2013
MuCEM - Marseille (FRANCE)


“UHPFRC 2009” international symposium was organized in Marseille (France) under the auspices of fib (international federation of structural concrete) and AFGC, the French Association for Civil Engineering. It helped synthesizing the know-how and applications related to Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC). Four years later, projects and constructions using UHPFRC have definitively gained a growing importance in Europe and North America, as well as in Australia, Far East, and especially Japan.
“UHPFRC 2013” aims at updating and complementing experience gained in the knowledge and use of UHPFRC, based on recent practice of: design of building structures, components, civil works and bridges; industrial realizations (both on site and in precast factories); large-scale applications. Most recent realizations will be presented during the symposium, either in civil engineering, buildings, or consisting of structural equipments, components and civil infrastructures, be it new construction or retrofitting. Technical lessons, scientific knowledge as well as experience of technical management and organization will be analyzed, in terms of structural design and analysis, safety assessment, execution reliability, achieved performance and durability. National and international research advances associated to real design issues will be presented. Special focus will be put on works carried out within the frame of fib and AFGC to promote a common scientific and technical approach for structural analysis and design, and identification of life-cycle analysis parameters.

Scientific and Technical Program

More than 100 abstracts have been selected following UHPFRC 2013 call for papers, which attests the growing interest for these materials and an increasing experience in using them. Presentations will take place in plenary or twin parallel sessions along the 2,5 days of the symposium, focusing on :
- Major recent realizations,
- Decisive use of UHPFRC in structural retrofitting and combination of UHPFRC and ordinary RC,
- Durability and resistance of UHPFRC under severe on-site or laboratory conditions,
- Prospective applications of UHPFRC in current or outstanding works,
- Recent advances in UHPFRC structures design and ductility assessment,
- Recent results of constitutive characterization and mix optimization of UHPFRC.

Symposium Secretary

Contact: Mrs Nadget BERRAHOU-DAOUD
Tel. + 33 1 44 58 24 29 - Fax + 33 1 44 58 24 79
e-mail : afgc@enpc.fr
Contact: Mr Patrick GUIRAUD
Tel. +33 1 55 23 01 08
e-mail: p.guiraud@cimbeton.net